ESRGC Technical Director presents at International Conference of Open Source GIS in Seoul, Korea

October 1, 2015 by ESRGC

Wearing a Salisbury University baseball jersey, Dr. Art Lembo presented a paper at the International Conference on Free and Open Source Software for GIS (FOSS4G) in Seoul, Korea.   The paper, Integrating Open Source GIS Software in Undergraduate Curriculum, Research, and Outreach – Recent Experiences at Salisbury University, focused on Salisbury University’s use of open source GIS in course curriculum, research activities, and outreach activities.

Lembo discussed the use of FOSS4G software in Department’s curriculum including the use of spatial SQL and PostGIS in GEOG 435 – GIS Programming, Quantum GIS in GEOG 419 – Advanced GIS, and CartoDB in GEOG 321 – Cartographic Visualization.  Lembo also presented his recent research activities using open source technology with Hadoop for the National Science Foundation, and the use of node.js and leaflet.js for the Kellogg Foundation and the Sea Gull Century.  He concluded his talk demonstrating the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Center’s (ESRGC) use of open source technology for the various geo dashboards created for Federal, State, and Local government clients.

Lembo stated that the growth of open source geospatial software has reached a level where its use can no longer be ignored, especially by academic institutions that offer degrees with a concentration in GIScience.  To that end, Salisbury University will continue to introduce leading edge open source technology into its curriculum, research, and outreach activities.