Baltimore County and the Town of Princess Anne formally adopt their Critical Area maps

November 6, 2015 by ESRGC

The Critical Area Mapping Update project is tasked with providing a seamless and consistent digitally accessible map of Maryland’s Critical Areas. Through a combined effort from Salisbury University, the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC), the Critical Area Commission (CAC), Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) there are now 5 jurisdictions with formally adopted Critical Area Maps. Previous counties that have completed the approval process include; Talbot and Prince Georges.  In addition to these counties, the Town of Snow Hill has chosen to update and approve their Critical Area maps before Worcester County.

For the Critical Area Mapping Update project the ESRGC uses multiple datasets to digitize the shoreline and edge of tidal wetlands. Once the line work is completed the 1000ft Critical Area boundary is generated. Throughout the process there are numerous reviews with all stakeholders involved, including public information meetings where citizens can gain more information about potential map changes.

Baltimore County was one of the two pilot counties for this Critical Area mapping project and after years of review and hard work they have officially adopted the maps created by the ESRGC. The Town of Princess Anne has also adopted their own Critical Area map prior to the approval of Somerset County.  All of the formally adopted counties will be placed on the Maryland iMap site. The finalized Critical Area boundary maps along with other counties in the process can be viewed here: (  You can also use this web map to determine if your property is  located in the Critical Area as long as your county is in the “Working draft map” stage.

If you have more questions regarding the mapping project or to better understand the Critical Area you can visit the Critical Area Commission’s website (

ESRGC's web map displaying Baltimore County Critical Area

ESRGC’s web map displaying Baltimore County Critical Area

Critical Area Mapping Project Progress, November, 2015

Critical Area Mapping Project Progress, November, 2015