ESRGC Team meets with the Girls Innovation Academy

June 21, 2017 by ESRGC

On Tuesday afternoon the ESRGC hosted the Girls Innovation Academy summer camp.  The Girls Innovation Academy (GIA) is a three-week summer camp at Salisbury University for middle school girls and focuses on technology, communication, and leadership.  Dr. Lembo began the session with an overall discussion of the definition of GIS and its many benefits.  Afterwards the camp attendees broke off in to small groups and rotated through the ESRGC for a variety of topics.  Mary Buffington presented on the collection of data from aerial imagery and how it assists with mapping poultry houses and irrigation systems.  Erin Silva discussed a project with the Audubon Society where GIS is used to examine the Atlantic Coast in order to prioritize sites for conservation.  The GIA attendees met with Lauren McDermott to better understand how impervious surface is mapped using the data collected from points, line, and polygons.  Ryan Mello described the process of using aerial imagery and elevation data to map tidal wetlands for Maryland’s Critical Area.  Finally, the girls learned the importance and complexity of mapping utility line-work led by Katy Maglio.  The ESRGC team is honored to have been able to introduce the attendees of the Girls Innovation Academy to the benefits of GIS through real life projects.

Girls Innovation Academy in the ESRGC Lab

Dr. Arthur Lembo explaining, “What is GIS?”

Erin Silva showcasing the ESRGC’s project with the Audubon Society

Ryan Mello describing how geo-referencing works

Lauren McDermott discussing impervious surfaces

Katy Maglio presenting utility maps

Mary Buffington showing how aerial imagery assists in mapping for poultry houses

For more information on this summer camp check out their site: