Data Distribution

For questions about data distribution please contact:

Logan Hall, GIS Technician
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Available Project Data

Broadband Maps - The maps available for download on this page represent the areas served by broadband for each county in Maryland as collected by the Maryland Broadband Mapping Initiative (MBBMI), current as of June 30, 2014. The MBBMI was part of a nationwide five year National Telecommunications and Information Administration project to map broadband availability. During this time the Maryland Broadband Cooperative, assisted by the ESRGC and Center for GIS, collected data from broadband providers including the location service, technology of transmission, and download/upload speed. At the time the FCC and NTIA defined broadband as greater than or equal to 200 kbps download. As a national project, census blocks were selected as the smallest continuous geometric layer to identify areas served by broadband providers. The ESRGC used 14 verification methods to test the data received from broadband providers, however, there are a number of issues that may result in misrepresentation of the data for Maryland, including, (1) any census block with one served location was considered served; (2) census blocks greater than 2 square miles were delivered as road segments and then converted to census blocks; and (3) any location currently unserved by a provider but could be served within 5 to 10 business days was accepted as a served location.
Legislative District Maps - To better inform Maryland's state delegates and senators about the land use issues in their district as well as to provide them with a useful reference map to use during discussions with constituents, the ESRGC has completed a project to create a large format map of land use for each 2012 state legislative district in Maryland. These maps were given as gifts to the senators and delegates in February 2012, with the compliments of Salisbury University, the MidShore Regional Council, and the Tri-County Council of the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland.
(MCBP) Maryland Coastal Bays Project - In the Spring and Summer of 2005 the ESRGC assisted the Maryland Coastal Bays Project with the processing of LiDAR First Return Data.
Tax Ditches and PDAs (Public Drainage Associations) - The ESRGC assists the Maryland Department of Agriculture in digitizing and annotating tax ditches and public drainage associations in select areas of Maryland's Eastern Shore.
John Smith Project - Vienna, MD - As the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the Jamestown Colony nears in 2007, interest in the colonization and the resulting exploration of the Chesapeake Bay is rising. John Smith’s exploration of the Bay and its tributaries in 1608-09 continues to be amazing accomplishment, particularly in terms of its breadth, its completeness, and its accuracy. Indeed, the resulting map of Smith’s travels around the Chesapeake Bay, published in 1612, was used as a reference for the next 150 years.
Maryland's Flood Vulnerability Assessment - On this page you will find the complete HAZUS Flood Vulnerability Report, as well as the actual HAZUS Run files used in the project.