Map Services

As a GIS service provider and advocate for collaborative GIS solutions in Maryland, the ESRGC is committed to contributing to the shared GIS data resources found on MD iMap. As the ESRGC develops GIS datasets that may be of interest to users in Maryland and beyond, we will host them on our servers so that all may benefit.

Services are data or tools that can be used in desktop GIS software, thin mapping client software, or your own custom web-mapping tools.

Direct link to ArcGIS Services Directory:

Currently Available Services

LiDAR Mosaics
County Year URL Endpoint
Allegany 2012 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_allegany_2012
Anne Arundel 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_annearundel_2004
Anne Arundel 2011 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_annearundel_2011
Baltimore City 2008 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_baltimorecity_2008
Baltimore County 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_baltimorecounty_2004
Calvert 2003 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_calvert_2003
Caroline 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_caroline_2004
Carroll 2006 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_carroll_2006b
Cecil 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_cecil_2004
Charles 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_charles_2004
Dorchester 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_dorchester_2004
Frederick 2012 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_frederick_2012
Howard 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_howard_2004
Kent 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_kent_2004
Pocomoke River 2011 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_pocomokeriver_2011
Queen Anne's 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_queenannes_2004
Somerset 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_somerset_2004
St. Mary's 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_stmarys_2004
Talbot 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_talbot_2004
Washington 2012 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_washington_2012
Wicomico 2004 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_wicomico_2004
Wicomico 2012 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_some_wico_2012
Worcester 2011 ImageServices/Lidar_griddedbareearth_worcester_plus_2011
Historical Aerial Photos
Region Year URL Endpoint
Wicomico 1958 ImageServices/wicomico_1958_bw_20000_fsa

Connecting to ESRGC Services in ArcMap (Version 10.0)

  1. Launch ArcMap.
  2. Navigate to the ArcCatalog tab.
  3. In the ArcCatalog window expand GIS Servers.
  4. Select Add ArcGIS Server.
  5. Make sure Use GIS Services is selected and click Next.
  6. The Server URL is:
  7. Click Finish (an alert may popup notifying that the connection was made successfully).
  8. The new server connection will appear in the ArcCatalog window. After expanding the server, select the desired Image Service.

Considerations for Usage of Data

These LiDAR mosaic data services are high-resolution and thus, extremely large. They are most appropriate for background display, location queries for spot elevations, and extraction of small areas (less than 25 sq miles). Your ability to utilize the services will depend on both the download speed of your Internet connection and the number of concurrent users on our servers. If extracting data, please expect the process to take longer than you may be used to. If you need to analyze an area larger than 25 sq miles at one time or are experiencing extraordinarily long processing times, please contact the ESRGC staff to obtain a copy of the LiDAR data so that you can work locally.