ESRGC LiDAR Services

As a GIS service provider and advocate for collaborative GIS solutions in Maryland, the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative is committed to contributing to the shared GIS data resources found on MD iMap.

The topography server provides access to the best available elevation data and provides a variety of core and derivative services in both county and statewide extents. Available services include digital elevation model (DEM) in feet and meters, shaded relief, slope, aspect and hillshade. These services can be used in desktop GIS software, thin mapping client software, or your own custom web-mapping tools.

In addition to the topography services, the ESRGC has also developed the Topography Viewer, a web application that allows users to view and interact with the elevation services hosted on the Maryland LiDAR server. Users can view, query and more on desktop and mobile devices.

MD iMap provides links to these services as well as access to ArcGIS online LiDAR galleries, status maps, full metadata, FAQs and more.