Web Maps

The ESRGC provides web mapping development services. Web maps are useful for displaying and interacting with spatial data on your desktop or mobile device. We use the latest GIS technology to create fast, flexible maps that serve a variety of purposes.

Maryland Critical Area Map

This interactive map shows the current Critical Area boundary and the proposed Critical Area boundary and land use classifications for the counties and municipalities that are currently being reviewed as part of the Critical Area Mapping Update project.

DLLR Workforce Dashboard

This dashboard was created for the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation under the GeoDASH Initiative at Salisbury University. The dashboard is an interactive tool designed to visualize data related to the supply and demand of Maryland's workforce as well as the education and training opportunities that exist in the state.

Engineering Drawing Application

This application allows users to quickly retrieve and view engineer drawings using an interactive map. Features a print to scale function, which allows printing original drawings at accurate scale.

Pipelines Nearby

This application provides information about pipelines near a specified location including: operator contact information, indications of a leak, potential hazards, and recommended emergency response actions.

Crime Maps

The Salisbury Crime Mapping Applications allow police officers to view crime occurring in the city. Crimes can be viewed and filtered by time and type, and appear on the map in real time.


The ESRGC developed two dashboards for Maryland's BayStat program to track the health of the Chesapeak Bay.

DBED Explorer

The ESRGC developed a Data Explorer dashboard for the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development.

MD Topography Viewer

The ESRGC developed a web map to view and identify LiDAR data for the State of Maryland.


The Mapping Local Food Systems Project investigated the capacity of agricultural land in New York State to meet the food needs of the state's population centers. The Local Foodshed Mapping Tool is an internet map server (IMS) that provides a means for interactively exploring results from this study.